La Rochelle

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End of the week at LA ROCHELLE, at Sunny Side of the Docs. The perfect place to see new documentary projects and do business. The beautiful city, but I do not know why our dear neighbors have forgotten a good part of the history of their city.
In the informative posters that surround the most touristic part of the city, its history is told. From the creation of the port to its importance in the trade and colonization of the Franco-American territories.
But during the 14th century this coast and the city were under English control and the French had little to do. Admiral Bocanegra, in command of the crown of Castile, freed this port and changed the domain of trade in the English Channel, which became predominantly French. This happened on June 23 and 24, 1372. (yes yes, this week is the anniversary). Like so many other times, under numerical inferiority and less armament, Bocanegra used his intelligence to deceive the English, destroy and capture all their ships and 8,000 men. This changed forever the history of the city and the French commerce. I do not understand how they could have forgotten.
But from Castilian to Castilian, my respects, Admiral Bocanegra, wherever you are.