A journey through some of the best research centers in the world looking for that amazing link between life and most energetic phenomena in the Universe. TV Documentary. 52 minutes. 2016.
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A small genet decides to leave the den where she lives with her brothers but the forest will show her how beautiful and wild can be. TV Wildlife documentary. 50 minutes. 2015.
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Entertainment series for television that describes wines, vineyards and different cultural aspects of the cultivation areas. Several seasons. 45 minutes. 2019.
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There is no place like this elsewhere. A unique window back to the past that takes us into the early days of our species. This is the story of how a single island turns into the last mammal's sanctuary. This is the story of Australia. Science and Nature TV program. 2014.
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Two families of lemurs, the ringtailed in Berenty and the sifakas in Nosy Mangabe National Park, are going to guide us through their wonderful world in Madagascar Island. Nature TV program. 2014.
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This is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries on the continent. It's Sierra Morena, and it's under attack. Nature documentary. 2014.
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Cosmic rays are particles and radiation that reach the Earth from outer space. They reach our planet with so much energy that can cause serious damage to spacecrafts, electronics and even serious diseases on people themselves. Short documentary. 2013.
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