The Cosmic Rain – finalist ISFFA 2013

20/10/2013 The Cosmic Rain, finalist in the ISFFA 2013 We are finalist in the 7th edition of the International Science Film Festival of Athens.  See bellow the list of nominates. You can see the finalists in this link  

A week in FICCAD – Doñana´s film festival

08/10/2013 FICCAD. International film festival in Doñana. We have spent a whole week at the Scientific and Environmental Film Festival at Doñana (FICCAD) meeting wonderful people and seeing some high quality films. The photograph is an interview for “Cuatro” informative as director of a finalist short film.  

Cosmic Rain – finalist World of Knowledge 2013

05/09/2013 We are among the finalists in the International World of Knowledge Film Festival Our film “The Cosmic Rain” is a finalist in the 2013 edition of the World of Knowledge Film Festival, San Petersburg, Russia. The film will be screened in the festival contest in October. This is the list of the 22 finalists where we...

Talk at CAB on science films

24/05/2013 Talk about scientific films and The Cosmic Rain screening at CAB/NASA Astrobiology institute. Today we saw The Cosmic Rain at the Centro de Astrobiología (INTA/CSIC/NASA) and we had a talk about using films for science communication.

Wild Iberian Lynx

 04/04/2013 Here you have  one picture (one frame of a video) of a wild iberian lynx we recorded this March. Three weeks of work for two minutes of video …  

Screening of The Cosmic Rain

04/04/2013 Screening of TheCosmic Rain in La Granja (Segovia-Spain) On Saturday (april 6th 2013) at 20:20 the documentary The Cosmic Rain will be screened in the “Films for Science” journey managed by the Spanish Asociation for Scientific Films and Images. See the poster here.