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Life behind the stars, nominated in Goethe Institute SFF

Finalist with “Life Behind the Stars” in the International Science Film Festival organized by the Goethe Institute. The Science Film Festival reached over one million visitors for the first time in 2017 and continues to be the largest event of its kind worldwide. In 2018, the Science Film Festival takes place internationally in over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa from October 01 to December 23. The festival invites visitors to enjoy the best in international science…

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Amazing popular science night

291 Science Films prepared a special night for the neighbors of the small town where I live. First we screened the documentary “No sólo polvo de estrellas” (spanish title for Life Behind the Stars) and after some brief questions from the audience we watched some celestial objects with telescopes. An amazing night sharing the secrets of cosmic rays with more than 140 people. The observation was supported by the “Asociación Astronómica Complutense”, who shared their telescopes and helped the audience with…

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Raw Science Film Festival 2016

Our film “Life behind the stars”  (formerly Not Only Starstuff) is now finalist in the 3rd annual Raw Science Film Festival,  Los Ángeles, CA.  More about this festival here: You can also find a post with the film’s description.  

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Vaasa International Nature Film Festival 2016

Happy to come back again to this amazing film festival and meet again some old friends. Two years ago I presented here a science short “The Cosmic Rain”, but this time I am here with my colleague Jose Antonio presenting the film “A genet´s tale” which I wrote for Terra Alive.   Final picture of the Festival Talking with Axel, an old german friend Talking about A genet´s tale, the film that took us here

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Lovely story about a genet

The teaser for our new nature documentary is ready. This time I am working for J.A. Vallejo who produces the documentary. I have written this story about an incredible animal: the genet. A charming story following the steps of a genet´s puppy that gets lost in the forest.  

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